A variety of home whitening kits are available at pharmacies, supermarkets and online if you’re aiming to brighten your smile. White strips, gels and tray-based treatments have become popular items in the world of oral hygiene. But before you purchase a generic home whitening kit, consider some of the pros and cons.  

Pros of Home Whitening Kits

  • One obvious benefit of home whitening kits is they’re often more affordable than in-office treatments. Whitening strips and gels can be purchased for $15.00 to $60.00, while tray-based bleaching kits start as low as $30.00.
  • Whitening products are easy to obtain. They can be purchased online or from local vendors at any time without a prescription or approval notice from your dentist.
  • At-home kits are convenient for individuals with busy lifestyles who aren’t able to schedule regular whitening appointments.

Cons of Home Whitening Kits

  • Home whitening kits may cause tooth or gum sensitivity, as well as temporarily burned or bleached gums, if they’re applied incorrectly. Poor oral health may also be a contributing factor to sensitivity and unexpected burning or bleaching.
  • Whitening doesn’t work for everyone. Whitening agents used in kits only work on natural teeth, meaning crowns, caps and false teeth will not brighten. Deep stains and brown teeth are also often unaffected by whitening kits due to the severity of tooth discoloration.  

Recommendations for Kit Use

We highly recommend talking to your dentist before experimenting with home whitening kits. Your dentist will help identify the condition of your oral health, determine whether a generic kit may successfully remove surface stains, and potentially caution you to avoid certain products.

Read and follow all instructions provided with the kit you purchase and stop using it immediately if you experience a severe reaction such as intense tooth sensitivity or gum inflammation. Ensure you aren’t allergic to any chemicals or materials contained in whitening products and choose products from reputable suppliers, such as Colgate and Oral-B.

Typically, the longer you keep a strong solution on your teeth, the whiter your teeth will become. Solutions with a high percentage of peroxide, the chemical often used in whitening products, should be applied for a shorter amount of time. Keeping gel or strips on too long will dehydrate teeth, increase sensitivity and damage enamel.

Professional Services

At Design Dentistry, we offer two types of whitening treatments to dramatically brighten your smile. We can create a tray-based home whitening kit with trays that properly fit your mouth and gel that is customized to ensure optimal results. Alternately, our in-office treatment involves placing a whitening gel on your teeth that quickly and gently lifts surface stains. This process is completed multiple times and you’ll notice a considerable difference after each 45-minute treatment.  

Home whitening kits and professional treatments provided by dentists are usually superior to generic products purchased in-store. However, a generic kit may be all you need to whiten and brighten your smile depending on the condition of your oral health. Feel free to contact us for more information about home whitening solutions.