The Canadian Dental Association recommends a child’s first dental assessment within six months of the eruption of his or her first tooth or by the age of one.

New people, surroundings and tools can be a little intimidating for youngsters. However, rest assured that the Design Dentistry team will work hard to make your child’s first visit a happy visit – one that establishes a positive foundation for future dental experiences.

Here’s what you and your child can expect during the first appointment.

A Kid-Friendly Reception

You’ll be greeted by our friendly receptionists as soon as you walk through the door. Children can occupy themselves with toys, colouring books and movies in our play area as you answer a few simple questions.

Parents are asked to provide an overview of oral hygiene-related habits. Some of the questions you can expect to answer include:

  • What types of food does your child eat?
  • What was their tooth eruption pattern?
  • Did they use a soother?
  • How long did they use a bottle?  

This information enables our team to consider cavity risk and overall oral health.

Take a Seat

Children are seated in a dental chair and are typically accompanied by a parent to make them feel more comfortable. The first person you’ll see is one of our experienced dentists for a meet and greet. The dentist will talk to your child in an effort to put them at ease and learn a little bit about them.

Learn About Your Surroundings

The next step is showing children how the dental chair and tools work. A lot of kids are curious and really like to help. We use a ‘tell, show, do’ approach. We tell them what’s going to happen, show them how it’ll be done, and then complete the task.

Your child will be encouraged to push some of the chair’s buttons to learn how it manoeuvres. Then they’ll be shown tools such as the mirror, tooth counter, light, suction unit and water syringe to become more comfortable with the environment.

Some of our equipment has names to add a fun, human element to the appointment. Our suction unit is called Mr. Slurpee and he is the tool that vacuums all the spit out of your child’s mouth. Mr. Squirty, our water syringe, also says hello to visitors. Children enjoy the humanized tools and handling them helps create a greater sense of control over their surroundings.

Mouth Check

After being introduced to the environment, we’ll check your child’s mouth if they’re cooperative. Teeth will be counted and lightly brushed with a regular toothbrush if possible. Some youngsters allow our staff to gently polish their teeth during the first visit. This process helps children gain comfort and familiarity with having dental instruments in their mouths.

Prizes & Findings

Children can choose a prize after their appointment for a job well done. Kids that don’t have cavities are added to our cavity free club! They’ll receive a certificate and have a chance to win movie passes.

The dentist will speak to you about their findings and how you can assist with your child’s oral care at home. We may also discuss topics that might not seem tooth related, such as whether your child is a mouth breather, if they have bad breath or if teeth grinding is common. Sometimes these elements relate to other head or neck issues, so our educated team offers recommendations based on the information gathered. Essentially, we’re looking for more than cavities during your child’s first visit to promote long-term health.

Happy Visits

Your child’s first visit is meant to be a happy visit. They’ll receive an introduction to the dental staff, tools and office space to build excitement for their next appointment. Our gentle, caring team is ready to meet your child! Book a happy visit today by calling 780.484.8138 or contact us for more information.

Schedule a Meet-and-Greet

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